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Tailoring for Chinese travel consumers with a combined search

2017/8/28 18:29:06
The Chinese tourists are increasingly aware of their needs and desires nowadays. Their tastes have changed and they are no longer satisfied with just a blitz group tour of all the European capitals, with a Chinese tour guide and Chinese tailored services. They want to explore and have new experiences. They are becoming more and more like independent travelers.

This is why Chinese tourists have the same needs as tourists from elsewhere: they look for personalized and easy ways to get information about destinations, the journey has to be tailored to their needs and personality, and the process has to be as quick as possible.

The most important call-to-actions in the online travel are most probably 'search', 'book now', and 'buy'. They are stepping-stones in the user journey regarding any kind of research, from a flight ticket to a hotel room reservation. The Combi-Action-Search developed by MySmark wants to convert easily online actions into a combined action, a collaborative filter to boost a user’s personalized experience. In the following mockup, we can see how the Combi-Action-Search works. It can be adapted to all kinds of websites and all kinds of search, fitting to the users’ needs.

The video below presents the process of the Combi-Action-Search in a potentially real situation. The focus is on Ireland, since MySmark, which is located in Dublin (IE), has been recently more involved with the Chinese tourism and is willing to understand fully these tourists and their interest in Ireland. In 2016, roughly 40,000 Chinese tourists visited this country.

MySmark will expand its Combi-Action-Search beyond the Irish shores to include the Chinese tourists going to Europe in a wider sense. The company is working on different projects to enrich its knowledge and support various stakeholders in dealing with this new shape-changing subject: the Chinese tourists.

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